5 Best Bras for Older Women

Posted on Sep 22, 2022 by HPFY Staff Writer

When looking for the best bra for older women, you would want to opt for one that uplifts your mood and enhances your femininity. The bra is believed to curb the gloom of aging on the breast and alter the appearance of one’s body. It doesn't matter if you are in autumn of life, you can still look fabulous.

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Top 5 breast Prosthesis for Swimming

Posted on Sep 21, 2022 by HPFY Staff Writer

Breast cancer or mastectomy is very scary for women, but recovering from it and getting back their confidence is something every woman look forward to. Breast prosthesis for swimming are made to make women feel secure & confident about themselves.

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7 Best Post-Surgery Bras

Posted on Sep 21, 2022 by HPFY Staff Writer

After any surgery, doctors may discharge you from the hospital, but you need to take all the precautions, doctors will also suggest you certain things to do. In case of breast surgery, one of the suggestions doctors will give you is to wear a post surgery bra.

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DVT: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Posted on Mar 22, 2022 by Sailaxmi Chennuru

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the third leading vascular disease after a heart attack and stroke, affecting 300,000 to 600,000 Americans every year. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) reports that DVT and PE are underdiagnosed serious conditions that are preventable and treatable if detected early. Learn more about DVT, PE, and VTE with Damozelle.

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Spend your FSA Dollars on women’s health and hygiene - Damozelle!

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 by Staff Writer

Damozelle offers a wide range of FSA-approved mastectomy products, feminine hygiene care, maternity care, and other feminine accessories. Use it before loose it

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for Women

Posted on Nov 02, 2020 by Taikhum Sadiq

Choose from a wide range of amazing gifts at Damozelle for the amazing women in your life and give them the gift of health and wellness.

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Covid-19 and Pregnancy - 7 Things Pregnant Women Should Know

Posted on Aug 11, 2020 by Dr. Haseena Hamdani

This article tries to address some of the concerns people who are planning for families/children might be having.

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TED vs. Compression Stockings: Which Is Right for You?

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

They may seem similar, but there are significant differences between TED hose and compression stockings & HPFY can help you choose.

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Chemotherapy Hair Loss: 5 Ways To Cope with It

Posted on Jul 03, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

Chemotherapy comes with its own set of side effects and repercussions, out of which hair loss is one of the most visible effects. For decades, scientists have been trying to find ways of preventing this, trying to avoid the occurrence of hair loss during chemotherapy.There are some precautionary steps that one can take that can help you cope with it or in some cases, even avoid it.

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Bra Care Tips: How to Wash and Store Your Bras?

Posted on Jun 27, 2019 by Anushree Kothari

We can often overlook the need to properly care for our bras and they lose their efficiency. These small things deserve the utmost gentle handling and storing so they serve us longer. So how do we do it? How do we wash and store our bras, to keep them in good shape and increase their shelf life?

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